Technological innovations are constantly entering our market. That includes the field of orthodontics. A recent introduction, INBRACE, is taking the orthodontics world by storm. This treatment method offers invisibility and the reliability of bracket and wire braces while removing the headaches of oral hygiene.


INBRACE was created by orthodontists. The patented Smartwire works to move teeth totally incognito. With advanced computer modeling and the assistance of AI technology, INBRACE moves teeth in a fast, safe, and healthy way.

In fact, INBRACE works invisibly and you can show off your smile on day one. You may notice visible improvements in your smile in as little as two weeks after beginning treatment. There are no dietary limitations, and no extensive oral hygiene routines to follow. Once installed, INBRACE works behind your teeth to reshape your smile while you live your life normally.
Gentleforce™ Technology uses light, but consistent force to move teeth. With a small adjustment period (about one to two weeks) there is minimal discomfort with INBRACE. Friction-Free Tooth Movement means fewer adjustments. Average treatment periods involve two wires, which means fewer trips to the orthodontist office and greater comfort.
The pre-programmed treatment plan is custom-fit for each individual patient. Brackets are mounted on the back of your teeth and the wire is custom-shaped to allow for easy flossing. No new tricks to learn to care for your teeth during treatment.

How INBRACE Works — Explaining the Technology

The process begins with an examination. If the doctor determines that you are a good candidate for INBRACE, they will scan your mouth. This creates a 3-D image, or map, of the inside of the mouth. Using this scan, the doctor personalizes the Smartwire. This process creates predictable results.
Computer AI uses the Gentleforce™ Technology to program the Smartwire according to your treatment plan goals. Brackets are placed on the back of your teeth to hold the wire in place. The Smartwire, once in place, works to move your teeth into the proper alignment. It is almost like having an autopilot system in your mouth.
No muss, no fuss. Just start smiling.

What Makes INBRACE Different?

The unique design of INBRACE has many advantages:

Although relatively new, INBRACE has already begun creating a track record of success in treating:
As this treatment continues to advance, patients can expect to see more versatility. Orthodontists like this system because it offers patients a truly invisible way to reclaim their mouth.

Tiny wire. Massive benefits

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